Sunday, December 22, 2013

Review : Bloop Nail Polish

Hi hi my lovely readers, how are you this few day?
Do you feel that I keep update my blog nowadays? Hee.
Actually I just hope I got a constant readers.
I am not greedy, I just hope got at least one is my regular reader.
But, I know, it hard for a beginner. 
I will try my best to achieve! [God bless me ] 

Stop talking non-sense hahaha.
Today I am going to share some things nice with you.
Can you guess it?

It product from HiShop and Bloop. 
Thanks for HiShop and Bloop for the opportunity.
I had received 3 different product from them and had reviewed Bloop Nail Strip last few day ago.
If you had missed it, you may click here to view it.

Well, today I am going to review Bloop Nail Polish.
Bloop had offers various collection of nail polish like Glam me up, Mission to Mars,Party is On and etc.

Various collection offered by Bloop for different festive season.
Its so colorful and I hope I can get all their collection :/

Tadaaaa, Pink Me Up is the nail polish I get from HiShop and Bloop.
I am so excited and happy when I unboxing it.
Pink color is my favorite color. 

Help this Pink Nail Polish photo shoot awhile. HAHA.

Is time to start our Pedicure! 

1. Clean your nails with nail polish remover.

2.  Apply basecoat.
 [without basecoat, your nails are going wind up with yellow.]

3. Apply nail polish. 

[Normally, I am using 3 strokes rules]
One down at center and two down for side. It can minimize going over and dragging nail polish.

4. Clean up the edge and take care of any puddling around cuticles. 
5. Apply topcoat for protection and stay longer. 

This is how it looks like on my nail. 
Now only feel that my fingers are short :(

After that, I plan to put some design on my nails.

Can you found the differences?
I think it is hard right >_<

A clearer version. HAHAHA.
 Comment to let me know what you had found it.
Thanks you 

Sorry. Selca again >_<

Pink color shirt with pink color nails.
So match. Hiak hiak :P

Do you interested? heee.
Bloop Nail Polish
♥ Quick Drying
♥Ultra Glossy
♥ Long Lasting

Overall Thought :
 I super duper like it! Omg, it totally dry after me apply, the drying time of Bloop really impress me a lot. Normally I apply other brand nail polish, it take more than 3 minutes to dry up and make me hate to apply it, but now with bloop, I can done my nails within 5 minutes. Really awesome and amazing. some more, I only need to apply one layer to get the glittery pink color. Highly recommend !!!

Hope to get one?
You may purchase here.
Only RM28 for 3.
Faster grab it when stock available 
For my readers, you may get RM20 REBATE with minimun purchase of RM99.
Valid until 31st Jan 2014

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